Check-in Baggage Rates and Fees Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific

philippine airlines baggage rate and cebu pacific check-in bag fees

Have you booked your promo flights? How about buying check-in baggage allowance? Check for the prepaid baggage rates of Philipine Airlines and Cebu Pacific for domestic flights.

This post is updated today January 17, 2019 to reflect the Cebu Pacific new baggage policy. came up with this article so readers like you will be armed with as much useful info as possible that can aid your decision making. The two airlines implement different fees for check-in baggage allowance.

One thing common between Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air is that they offer FREE hand carry baggage allowance of 7 kilos. It doesn’t matter if you bought a regular ticket or a piso fare promo. All passengers are given 7 kgs of cabin bag allowance.

Another thing, all passengers can only buy a maximum of 40 kilos of baggage allowance per flight on these airlines. The check-in bag must not exceed 32 kilos per bag. This is to protect the cargo handlers from getting hurt moving the baggage.


Did you know that the excess baggage rate per kilo at the airport is very expensive? Yep, it is so we suggest that you buy prepaid baggage allowance before your flight. Just imagine paying P250 per kilo of excess baggage if you are flying Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific!

Now, another thing, if you did not buy ANY prepaid baggage for a Cebu Pacific flight, and when you show up at the airport it was found out that you need to check-in your bag, YOU WILL PAY what is called the Airport Baggage Fee good for the first 20 kilos.

What does this mean?

This means that say you have a bag with an item inside that is not permitted for hand-carry, example a special cable that is 5 meters in length that must go with you on your flight (you can’t afford to have it confiscated), you will be forced to check this in. You will pay the Airport Baggage Fee good for 30 kilos even if the cable or item only weighs 2 kilograms.

The Excess Baggage Rate or EBR will only kick in if you already bought a prepaid baggage but only that the weigh exceeds the check-in allowance package. Example a bag weighing 26 kilos but you only bought 30 kilos prepaid baggage, so you will pay the 6 kilo of excess baggage at P250/kg in the airport counter.


Fees for baggage is updated as of January 2019.

  • Small 15 Kilos is NO LONGER OFFERED by Cebu Pacific.
  • Standard 20 Kilos – the fee is P380.80
  • Large 30 Kilos – the fee is P784.00
  • Extra-Large 40 Kilos – the fee is P1,232.00

*Excess baggage rate per kilo is P250.

For passengers of Cebu Pacific, you are allowed to upgrade your existing baggage allowance up to 4 hours before your flight schedule. You will only pay the price difference between existing prepaid baggage and the new prepaid baggage.

Example: Your baggage is originally Standard and you want to upgrade to LARGE. You will only pay P403.20.

The computation is P784 (rate of Large) less P784.00 (Standard prepaid baggage rate that is already paid) = P403.20 the balance that you need to pay to upgrade your check-in baggage allowance.

For parents travelling with children, you can bring your stroller on the flight free of charge. suggest that you check-in very early to make sure there is still ample space to place your kid’s stroller in, because it is a first come first serve basis, until all vacant space is taken.

*You can add baggage or upgrade your prepaid baggage by using the mobile app, or via website, or by calling the hotline number of Cebu Pacific, or visiting a ticketing branch of this airline. Learn how to add baggage to an existing booking in Cebu Pacific.

Cebu Pacific FLIGHT CANCELLED, what happen to purchased baggage?

If in case you cancelled your flight or did not show up at the airport and you bought a prepaid baggage previously, the money you spend for the baggage will be forfeited. You can’t refund it.

If Cebu Pacific Air cancelled your flight or changed you to a different flight, the prepaid baggage you bought will be transferred to your new flight.


Philippine Airlines offers free check-in baggage allowance for all passengers. The number of kilos free depends on the type of ticket. For domestic routes, these are the check-in bag allocation per ticket type:

  • Budget Economy Tickets – 10 kilos baggage allowance free for MANILA flights to and from only.
  • Regular Economy Tickets – 20 kilos free check-in
  • Regular Economy Tickets using Q300 / Q 400 aircrafts – 10 kilos free check-in
  • Premium Economy Tickets – 30 kilos of free PAL baggage allowance
  • Premium Business Class – 35 kilos free baggage allowance

Philippine Airlines excess baggage rate is P200 per kilo.

For passengers who bought a PAL ticket but wants to add MORE KILOS to their free check-in baggage allowance, these are the rates for domestic routes:

  • Additional 5 kgs – P250
  • Additional 10 kgs – P500
  • Additional 15 kgs – P750
  • Additional 20 kgs – P999
  • Additional 25 kgs – P1,250
  • Additional 30 kgs – P1,500
  • Additional 35 kgs – P1,750
  • Additional 40 kgs – P2,000
Example: You are flying Philippine Airlines on a BUDGET ECONOMY ticket and the total weight of your baggage is 30 kilos. You have a free 10 kilos, so you can buy additional 20 kilos for P999 so you can check-in all your bags.

*Buying of additional baggage is not available on flights going to and from Basco, Busuanga, and Surigao. While those with tickets going to or coming from Naga, Calbayog, and Catarman, you are only allowed to buy maximum of 10 kilos as additional baggage allowance. This is because the aircraft use for these routes are the smaller ones, narrow-body airplanes.

Cancelled PAL flight – What Happen to Paid Baggage?

If PAL cancelled your flight and suggested an alternative flight for you and you take it, the prepaid baggage you already paid for will be carried over to your new flight schedule.

In the scenario that Philippine Airlines cancelled your flight and you already paid additional baggage and you don’t intent to fly out with PAL again, you can file for REFUND on the baggage payment you made. However, if it is you who cancelled your flight on your own, you cannot ask for a refund on the baggage fees.

If you are a no show to your PAL flight, any paid baggage fee will be forfeited.

For any queries or concern about baggage allowance, you can call Cebu Pacific at 63 2 7020 888. You can contact the hotline of Philippine Airlines at this number (02) 855-8888. We will update this post if the baggage rate for 2018 has change.

You can also use the hotline numbers to book tickets in Cebu Pacific or PAL or to ask about the latest promo fares up for grabs.

That’s it. We hope this post is useful to you! Watch out for sale launches especially piso fare 2019 tickets or Philippine Airlines 78th anniversary promo, those are worth waiting for!

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