Pisofare.ph highly recommends that passengers do online booking direct with the chosen airline. Why? because promo fares like piso fare 2018 are high in demand; by the time you get to the ticketing office, all the lowest fare may be gone. So best that you start booking and buying plane tickets via the airline's website.

Check-in Baggage Rates and Fees Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific

Have you booked your promo flights? How about buying check-in baggage allowance? Check for the prepaid baggage rates of Philipine Airlines and Cebu Pacific for domestic flights.

Pisofare.ph came up with this article so readers like you will be armed with as much useful info as possible that can aid your decision making. The two airlines implement different fees for check-in baggage allowance.

One thing common between Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air is that they offer FREE hand carry baggage allowance of 7 kilos. It doesn’t matter if you bought a regular ticket or a piso fare promo. All passengers are given 7 kgs of cabin bag allowance. Read more....

LEARN HOW to Buy Ticket in Cebu Pacific Website (2017 Update)

This is the handy guide on how to book and buy promo tickets via the website of Cebu Pacific Air, created and shared by PISO FARE PH.

This airline regularly hosts seat sale on their airfares, this is done almost on a weekly basis. But of course, the ultimate favorite of passengers are the piso fares offers. Cebu Pacific just had one such deal last February, some were even able to book Manila to Tokyo Narita very cheaply at P862. Why so cheap? Because the flights were offered under the piso fare promo ticket program! Read more....

Special Passenger Handling on Cebu Pacific – Pregnant, Infant, Minor, etc

Useful tips from Piso Fare PH on Cebu Pacific guidelines for passengers with special needs, pregnant passengers, unaccompanied minors, and infants.

Special passengers needs different handling than regular passengers, so if you belong to this group and you are about to fly with Cebu Pacific, please refer to this guide to have a hassle free check-in and boarding on your flight day.

Passengers with Medical Case and bringing Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC)
Passengers with medical cases are allowed to fly with Cebu Pacific provided that the following documents are properly filled out and accomplished by the passenger/guardian: Read more....

Philippine Airlines Ticketing Branches in Metro Manila – PAL Office Addresses

Booking PAL promo tickets and all of a sudden the Philippine Airlines website went down? You can no longer access the site? Fret not because there are still available options so you can book coveted domestic and international flights of Philippine Airlines and its budget sister company PAL Express.

If PAL online booking won’t work for you, you can do two things:

  1. Visit official Philippine Airlines ticketing offices and branches all over the country.
  2. Visit your trusted travel and tour agencies and book via them.

However do note that on rare times PAL and PAL Express conduct seat sales that are exclusive for online booking only. If this is the case, then the ticketing offices or travel agency won’t be able to book you a promo flight. But this happens rarely, and we will clearly mark a seat sale promo sharing post as ‘available for online booking only”  if that is a restriction. Read more....

Cebu Pacific – How to Add Baggage Allowance or Upgrade Prepaid Baggage Service

There are instances when we book promo fares tickets but failed to book check-in baggage allowance, only to find out later on, that you need a few kilos for your big bags and luggage. Fortunately, adding a baggage allowance is easy to do. All you have to do is go to Cebu Pacific website and then click on “Manage Booking” tab then click on “Add Baggage”.

This is a guide to help you modify your confirmed Cebu Pacific booking to add check-in prepaid baggage service. Read more....