Cebu Pacific As Low as 799 Pesos Base Fare Promo for Macau, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, China

Get ready to travel this 2019. Take out your passports for we are going to Taiwan, Singapore, Macau, South Korea, China and Hong Kong all thanks to this new Cebu Pacific Promo Fare.

You got until February 7, 2019 to book your tickets. Book ASAP for tickets may sold out fast for the BASE FARE for flights are very affordable.

You can get tickets with BASE FARES of less than 1K PESOS. Yes mas mura pa versus some Base Fare for domestic tickets. Yes, the cheapest single trip BASE FARE is sold for as low as 799 Pesos, meron ding 999 Pesos!!!!

cebu pacific promo singapore china korea 2019

As low as 799 Pesos Cebu to Macau

As low as 999 Pesos Manila to Macau

As low as 1,099 Pesos Clark to Macau

As low as 1,199 Pesos Manila to Taipei, Taiwan

As low as 1,299 Pesos Manila to Guangzhou China or Hong Kong

As low as 1,344 Pesos Clark, Davao or Iloilo to Singapore

As low as 1,494 Pesos Manila to Singapore

As low as 1,644 Pesos Cebu to Singapore

As low as 1,699 Pesos

Clark to Hong Kong

Manila to Xiamen China

As low as 1876 Pesos Manila to Incheon, South Korea

As low as 2,099 Pesos Iloilo to Hong Kong

As low as 2199 Pesos Cebu to Hong kong

As low as 2799 Pesos Manila to Shanghai

As low as 4,099 Pesos Manila to Beijing


Buy the Cebu Pacific sale ticket within the Sale Period and make sure you are searching flights that are included in the Travel Period. 

The booking and Sale Period for this Cebu Pacific international promo offer is until February 7, 2019.

Travel Period for this offer starts March 01 to July 31, 2019. So yes, there are sale tickets for March, April, May, June, and July. However, please don’t expect that all travel dates will have a promo ticket. Some will not have it. That’s why, you really need to search and search, check out and compare the rates of different dates until you find the lowest airfare.

Promo fares are LIMITED. Book as soon as you can.

This sale on international flighjt is on Base Fare; additional fees will be added to get the total ticket cost. The additional charges includes admin service fee or ticketing service charge, fuel surcharge, VAT, etc..

Visit Cebu Pacific at and enter your travel details as well as passenger details in later pages.  

 *Flight type which can be one-way, round trip, or multi city


 *Departure Date(s)

 *Number of Passengers 

NO PROMO CODE NEEDED for this promo.

Payment methods accepted by Cebu Pacific includes Credit Card, Bancnet ATM card, Paypal, Alipay, Cash via Payment centers.

Aside from online booking, you may also call the Cebu Pacific hotline numbers at (02) 70-20-888 in Manila or (32) 230-8888 in Cebu. Booking via accredited travel agency nearest you is also allowed for this sale.

Because of the limited number of sale tickets, don’t wait too long. Book and buy cheap airfare as soon as possible. A lot of people also wants Cebu Pacific promos for 2019 to 2020, so be among the first to book the low fares! Get those sale tickets at Ceb Pac!

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